Not getting enough sales? You are not alone.

Do you worry about not getting enough sales leads for your business?

Do you have a specialist subject that you excel in but you are not being recognised by your marketplace?

You may be one of the majority who delivers time in time out but misses out on new business opportunities because your prospects have not fully engaged with you.

If you carry on doing what you do there is no doubt you will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost income in your business. This is true if you have a traditional business or an online business.

The plain truth of this is your experience, knowledge and expertise often remains with small networks of people who respect and admire you but the wider marketplace has much more to offer if you can only reach out to them in a way that makes it easy for them to identify with you.

TIP #1:  EDUCATE your marketplace about you, your expertise, capabilities and value.

You can write books, whitepapers, articles, journals and these are all great ways in which to get your expertise out to your wider marketplace.

The one strategy that is used by some many leaders, especially when it comes to online marketing is to offer their own product or ‘online course’. The beauty of this is the relative ease of creating your course.  The course can be delivered as a webinar series and recorded and productized later.

TIP #2: Can you imagine attending a network meeting and instead of leaving a business card you leave a CD/DVD-ROM of a video based course that nails your subject matter. This alone will set you apart from the rest of the group and it will leave your prospects with a great way to learn about you.

So how you think your next meeting will look like?

This approach is systematic, consistent and can form a part of a great lead generation strategy for you.